5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business

March 16, 2022
5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business

In the simplest terms, cloud computing is an Internet-based service that allows users to have access to their data, programs, applications, etc., stored on a remote server, anywhere, through the Internet. In the past, data, programs, etc., used by a business were stored on their computer or in-house server. But, with the advent of cloud technology, all the data storage is outsourced offsite, in the servers of cloud service providers. The offsite servers perform the same functions as your in-house servers, but here they are owned, maintained, and managed by the service provider.

Do you know more than 92% of companies today use cloud computing services in some form or the other? Given the immense benefits of cloud management platforms, it is a given that the technology is here to stay. Let’s discuss five key benefits of cloud computing for small businesses.

It is Cost-efficient:

Owning, storing, and maintaining in-house servers is a tedious and expensive option. Right from having a dedicated space having a team to keep it running to software, licenses, and upgrades, there are a host of things that need to be taken care of. When you hire the services of a cloud service provider like SAITSys, you get a professional on-demand service at a lesser upfront cost and hassle. It is a predictable monthly charge, and a small business can make an allowance for it in their budget. A cloud management platform also provides access to various applications, tools, and programs that would otherwise be unaffordable for them.

Data Security:

In today’s digital world, data security is a major concern. When moving to cloud-based services, the security of your data is the service provider’s responsibility, who is an expert in encryption, authentication, and permissions. Everything that keeps your data secure is automatically taken care of, and you do not have to worry about it one bit.

More Flexibility and Scalability:

Small businesses are emerging businesses, and their cloud services will change and grow with their business. It means that six months or a year down the line, it might need larger server space and bandwidth. Cloud computing services from a company like SAITSys give small businesses the flexibility and agility to scale up (or down) as per their needs. They can help you with the right plan to keep your business running smoothly during the growth period.

Easy Collaboration:

Since cloud computing allows you to access your data from anywhere via the Internet, it makes collaboration easy across teams located in different geographical locations. The remote work most companies, embraced during the COVID19 pandemic was enabled due to cloud computing.

It Protects Your Business:

With cloud computing services, you have the additional assurance that your data is backed up securely if you lose your device. Since your business data is stored offsite, it doesn’t get lost if your PC crashes or your laptop is stolen. Such data security and recovery help in business continuity in any eventuality.

Cloud computing gives your business a competitive advantage. The sooner you embrace it, the larger benefits you will reap eventually. It is also good for the environment and helps you contribute towards sustainability. Another benefit is that you are free from the inconvenience of installing automatic software updates. Cloud-based services update and maintain their tools with little or no interruption to your workflow.

The future of business belongs to those who adapt to the changing market needs. Cloud computing gives your business agility. With it, you will be able to do more for less. So, it is a win-win for both. If you are ready to take the leap and need help with a cloud migration strategy, the experts at SAITSys are here to help.

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