5 Benefits of Custom Cloud Solutions

June 14, 2022
5 Benefits of Custom Cloud Solutions

Organizations big and small are using cloud computing services to save costs, increase speed and improve security. Moving to the cloud can help medium and small businesses thrive. The lower maintenance costs translate to more profits for most companies.

About 80% of organizations are contemplating transitioning or are already using cloud services. Many in the industry are sure it is the right solution for their brand.

Following are a few perks of custom cloud hosting packages:

1) It’s inexpensive

Using a pre-packaged cloud provider to expand storage can sometimes incur unplanned expenses. Cloud providers that offer affordable services are critical for an organization that expects drastic growth. Most pre-packaged providers offer storage in TBs, which are way too expensive and unnecessary for startups. Pre-packaged providers can also charge you penalty fees if you terminate or upgrade your contracts early.

2) It’ professional

If your business is experimenting with cloud technology, a custom service provider can offer you the assistance you need to transition completely. It is essential to assess your virtual maturity with an expert, even if you intend to hire some internal talent later. The apt service will assist with integration, configuration, and employee training.

3) It’s quick

You cannot worry about HIPAA or PCI compliance as soon as winning a new contract. You might struggle to find storage, better security, or faster systems. All of this requires internal security officers and audits. A customer cloud provider is more flexible and often lets you change the details of your existing agreements.

Cloud computing grows with the company and can be downsized effortlessly.

4) It’s safer

Lose your data, and you lose your company and your livelihood. While it’s essential to look at the support level offered by cloud hosting providers, it is best to approach custom providers who are more likely to cooperate with you and give you 24/7 assistance. Say goodbye to after-hour calls or voicemails by associating with the right provider.

Managing disasters should be a priority for a business. You could lose years of hard work and valuable data within seconds without proper protection.

If you are on a traditional server, your data is insecure. A standard server can be damaged by something silly as a spilled drink or a power surge. Having cloud computing protects you from such physical damage.

5) It’s simpler

Cloud providers can customize configuration as per their client demands. They usually have far greater flexibility in terms of configuration and architecture. It is better for startups to seek sellers with custom solutions rather than standard product sets as they may be too expensive to integrate into your legacy systems.

Cloud services are mobile, and mobility is a game-changer in the digital age. While using a traditional server, you can only access your data if you are physically present near your machines. But the cloud lets you access data on the go from anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing is more advantageous to companies preferring telecommuting and remote work. Encouraging your employees to work from home frees up physical space. You can even shut down your physical office and save the rent money and utility bills.

It is also an advantage because customers can access your data easily, and easy access to information makes your business seem more reliable and wins customer loyalty.

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