5 Benefits of Having Managed IT Services

July 13, 2022
Managed IT Services

Do your information technology investments yield the necessary return on investment? Many small and medium-sized firms find it difficult to effectively utilize current technologies because they lack the knowledge and resources.

A solution to this problem is delegating IT management to an expert. Here are five ways in which IT outsourcing can improve your firm’s productivity:

Boost Technology Projects- Have you implemented the proper IT systems to provide your company the best chance of competing and meeting user and customer demands?

Are you utilizing SaaS and the most recent cloud technologies? Do you have the appropriate disaster recovery and backup systems in place to stop data loss, and are you sufficiently reducing the risk of cyberattacks?

The best IT systems for your company, incorporating all the crucial features, can be planned, deployed, and managed by managed IT service providers.

Control costs – There are three main ways outsourcing IT services cuts costs. First, by hiring fewer full-time workers, your company can cut expenditures. Instead of depending on one IT employee, working with a managed services provider offers access to a team with a range of expertise and a reduced monthly cost. Second, your company can save money by capitalizing on an MSP’s combined buying power to negotiate lower prices on IT and equipment purchases. Having a single set monthly operational charge for all IT expenses is the final way to keep costs under control.

Recent research found that 46 percent of respondents who presently utilize managed services reduced their yearly IT spending by 25 percent or more by switching to an MSP, with 13 percent seeing a reduction of at least 50 percent. An extra 50% of firms reduced their annual IT costs by up to 24%.

Minimal downtime – IT downtime can hinder business operations when your network or applications collapse or fail. Small and medium-sized firms might incur startling expenditures due to data loss and downtime.

Recent research found that 80 percent of small organizations had suffered downtime, with expenditures for a single incident ranging from $82,200 to $256,000. What does this imply for your company? To the tune of $137 to $427 every minute. Regardless of the organization’s size, when an unexpected event occurs and stops regular business operations, a firm must recover as rapidly as possible to guarantee that it will continue offering services to clients and customers. Business-critical system downtime is never acceptable. Managed IT solutions can decrease downtime.

Productivity at the end-user level – Technology is essential in assisting your staff in being more productive. Your company can accomplish more with fewer effort thanks to computers, mobile devices, and automated workflows. Maintaining your technology ensures end users have constant access to the applications they require and are crucial.

Productivity suffers if end users can’t access mission-critical systems or if performance is sluggish. What would happen to your business, for instance, if your accounting team couldn’t process invoices, your sales staff couldn’t email prospects, or nurses couldn’t access patient records? Mission-critical infrastructure and application issues are unaffordable for businesses. Technology problems eventually lead to subpar corporate performance and dissatisfied customers.

Reduce security risks- While huge corporations like Target, eBay, and Yahoo are frequently mentioned in the media as having been hacked, small- and medium-sized businesses are also at risk. Forty-three percent of cyberattacks on enterprises target small businesses, according to a recent report. Thirty-four percent of people worldwide are willing to pay a ransom to unlock their data, with the average ransom demand being $1,077. With 60% of small businesses closing their doors within six months of an assault, the impact of a security breach is a serious concern.

However, a managed services provider has the tools and skills to stop hacks and accidents from happening and guarantee that your company adheres to the best security practices.

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