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A security breach deals a blow not only to an organization's finances but also to its reputation and customer trust. The average cost of a breach has risen to almost $4 million and the losses have a spiralling impact.

We help you assess your organization's current security readiness, and create a customized security design that addresses your concerns and needs. Once in place, we can help continue to monitor your security position and recommend corrective action, when necessary. We can even train your employees so they act as another security layer in your network.

What We Do
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Data Security
We protect your data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle across all application transactions, storage, and big data platforms. Our data security solutions include data encryption, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data you collect, store, create, receive or transmit.
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Multi Factor
We simplify authentication implementation and management to help you witness increased efficiency by drastically reducing the time and cost of provisioning, administration, and managing users and tokens compared to traditional models.
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24/7 monitoring
Our comprehensive network defense strategy helps us monitor your organization's data inflow and outflow from the cloud and understand how your data is being accessed by users. Our team can monitor and detect intrusions around the clock-allowing you to rest easy.
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Siem (splunk)
We help you tackle real-time security monitoring, advanced threat detection, forensics and incident management with Splunk's analytics-driven security operation suite. Analytics-driven SIEM (security information and event management) helps you build a stronger security posture and improve cross-department collaboration.
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Industry Solutions
We solve the unique cybersecurity challenges for energy, technology and financial sector. We continuously keep you protected from cybercrime, freeing you and your team to focus on business innovation.
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Security Assessment
Our Comprehensive Security Assessment provides a thorough evaluation of your organization's IT assets. A Security Assessment is a good option for organizations that may not have the time or resources for a more comprehensive check-up.
Expert Cyber Security Service Company

Having a cyber security services company is a necessity for every organization! Why? With these digital advancements come high technological advancements. And, all this is possible because of the internet. And, with the internet comes the risk of cyber security. Anything that runs on the internet has a scope to be attacked by cybercriminals. There comes the need for the best cyber security services company. SAITSys is the top-notch cyber security service provider in and around the town. Their cyber security assessment services are reliable and advanced. They are more than just downloading software and doing the regular scans.

Reliable Cyber Security Assessment Services

A perfect cyber security system doesn't mean to just guard the data. A reliable and trustworthy cyber security assessment service company should cover multiple parameters to be the best cyber security provider. SAITSys is entrusted to provide the most reliable cyber security monitoring and cyber security assessment services. Our experts work tirelessly to analyze the loopholes in the system and draft a custom cyber security plan to suit your organization. We work to reduce your cost while increasing the benefits. We help you to raise your productivity while keeping your data systems end to end encrypted.

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