How to protect your online business from Cybercrime?

February 18, 2022
How to protect your online business from Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is more profitable than any other kind of criminal activity out there. Hackers could target millions of individuals and companies simultaneously. In the absence of cyber security services data can be stolen, manipulated, and irrevocable damage can be caused during an attack.

The chances of arrest and severity of punishment are low for hackers, and it incentivizes cybercrime. As the digital economy expands and businesses, governments, and individuals rely heavily on the internet and software, the odds of a cyber-attack become greater. You must find methods to shield your business from cyber security threats.

You could be besieged by highly skilled hackers, but the bulk of the problem comes from commonplace issues like commodity malware, ransomware, viruses, opportunistic hacking, and social engineering. For maximum safety approach a cyber security services company.

You could always bolster your security with the following steps:

1. Assess your security

You cannot fix your problems if you do not know what they are. You have to identify your strengths and weaknesses by running periodic tests. Reading the data from a complete assessment gives you a perfect understanding of the course of action you must take to protect your data and save time and money. Get a cybersecurity assessment done by a professional cyber security service provider and employ the best Risk Management methods. Get a data security consulting firm like SAITSys for cyber security monitoring and cyber security assessment services.

Many breaches that affected global brands began from a vulnerability in small third-party vendors and suppliers. Apply cybersecurity practices while vetting a vendor. Ask yourself how they protect their networks, systems, and data? Understand their data disposal policy. See if they keep with regulations and vet their employees during their recruitment programs. Always be in touch with your partners and combat cybercrime together.

2. Train your Staff

Your least informed employee is your weakest link during a cyberattack. Hackers find an unsuspecting employee and bait him through phishing and social engineering attempts. Educate your team on how cybercriminals lure and con individuals and organizations. Prepare them to recognize a suspicious mail or call. Enforce a strict cybersecurity policy within your organization. In a strong team, everyone has each other’s back, and every employee is part of the security team.

Define access privileges of each team member according to job function and position. Ensure that no one apart from administrators has full access to any tool, system, or network. This ensures that during a successful breach, your attacker cannot access your entire network. Also, consider hiring physical security to prevent an onsite hack or intrusion into your workspace.

3. Update your software

Old software has been picked apart by hackers, and its weaknesses would be well known across the internet. Always upgrade to the latest version making it harder for criminals to keep up. Antivirus software has routine automatic updates, but other software on your system might not. Implement vulnerability management processes to double-check failed updates or missing patches. Moreover, dispose of your old hardware properly because it might have sensitive information, such as passwords and employee details.

4. Hire a Professional Cyber Security Consultant

You need round-the-clock security cause hackers can attack at any moment from anywhere. A Security Event and Incident Monitoring (SEIM) software will give you a heads up if there is any suspicious activity. Additional support can be offered by Security Operations Centre services with trained security analysts who can interpret and intercept the alerts. These analysts can immediately fight back and save your data.

It is crucial to assess your systems and search for blind spots to fortify them better. It is just as essential to look at external networks and landscapes. You need Cyber intelligence to monitor the dark web and allow you to thwart an attack before it is even launched or prepare better at the very least.

5. Response & Recovery Plan

Always prepare for the worst-case scenario. There is no full-proof method to thwart an orchestrated hacking. Build a thorough incident response plan for an immediate attack response. You need to ensure that the most qualified team member is alerted first.

You also require a recovery plan along with your response plan: Figure out what was stolen, immediately try to recover or fix the data, inform your clients of what happened, audit your system to figure out how you were attacked, and tweak your system to ensure this won’t happen again. Remember, don’t panic.

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